Smart ideas to maximise reliability and availability of your vessel

New developments in internet access software and applications are starting to make data collection and analysis economically viable for small fleet operators.

Our bid consultation to the Pacific Patrol Boat project for the recent DMO RFT shows equipment suppliers have systems that can be monitored and data collected to download remotely (via link) or stored onboard to aid in diagnostics and focus for maintenance LOE. It is understood some proprietary systems are being developed by large Korean shipbuilders to meet this need and offer value to customers. Considering how the prices have dropped on sensors and software development over recent years it is not surprising technology is pushing in this direction.

This enables a proactive approach to where the maintenance budget is spent and thus avoids wasted labour and parts in guessing what needs support. In fact over time a map of specific scheduled maintenance can be built up aiding maximum availability and reliability of systems.

These techniques can be cost effectively adopted and for ferry fleets using commercial marine standards should be considered as part of any new build or retrospectively in older classes of vessel.

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